One of our highest values at the Elounda Palm Hotel & Suites is respect for the environment. We aim to protect the beautiful and unique nature of the island of Crete. We strongly believe that the tourism industry should turn into more sustainable alternatives and waste reduction initiatives. That’s why we want to support all green travellers and inspire others to travel consciously. We want to be part of this eco-friendly community and contribute in our way. Find below some of of our green projects and initiatives.

Sea water pools

All of our swimming pools are supplied with ocean water directly from the sea and use the revolutionary method of saltwater electrolysis to keep the pool clean without any chemicals, to avoid every kind of chemicals and chlorine. Saltwater electrolysis breaks down the salt (NaCl) to chlorine, creating natural sterilization to the swimming pool. This method is friendlier to our skin & eyes but also our planet.

Minimum Use of Single-Use Plastics

In our effort to reduce and eliminate all single-use plastics from our hotel, we are participating in a pilot program within the framework of the project “Reducing the consumption and disposal of single-use plastics in the Tourism Industry in Cyprus, Greece, and Malta.” funded by the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. The project started in 2020 and under the guidance of our partners, we will apply methods for reducing single-use plastics in our hotel. During the educational part, we were shocked by the extent of ocean pollution from the tourism industry worldwide.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There is a charging station for electric vehicles just outside of the hotel. Now you can rent an electric vehicle and charge it here. This way you save your pocket and the environment. Did you know that a petrol car has 70% more emissions than an electric car?

Sustainable Paper Consumption

Paper waste is one of the biggest problems in businesses and we should all find creative ways to reduce paper usage. The last two years we have replaced all of our menus, leaflets and registration forms with e-catalogues and e-forms, creating a contactless experience and saving a lot of paper.


Our team of experts has been trained and all of our departments have been organized to minimize the waste of materials. We try to reuse most of the materials and reduce everything as much as possible. In case it is not possible to apply any of the two above, we recycle the rest with special attention.

Hotel Recycling Project:

  • Outside of our hotel you can find a recycle bin for general use, where guests and staff can recycle materials.
  • You can also find a battery recycling bin in our hotel, where we recycle all of our used batteries.
  • We recycle all the electric and electronic appliances that cannot be repaired.
  • Lastly, we recycle the cooking oil. Oil is one of the most important recyclable materials and in big quantities can be a hazardous waste.

Energy Saving

In our hotel we use solar hot water systems to heat the water instead of electricity. This can save up to 80% of energy consumption.

 In our effort to save energy, we have replaced all of the lamps used in the hotel with energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving bulbs use 2/3 less energy than conventional lamps and can last up to 10 times longer.

Certified Ecological Cleaning Products

In partnership with the leader in the sector of hygiene and infection prevention solutions, Ecolab, we use a collection of certified ecological cleaning products, which are friendly to our skin and respect the environment. Always by ensuring the quality of the products and your safety, as safety and hygiene remain our top priority.

Support Local Communities- Locally Produced Food

As a small family business, we always try to support the local economy and local communities by choosing local suppliers. Fresh, biological, locally produced food directly to your plate is a lot healthier, tastier and way more eco-friendly. We try to give prominence to Cretan raw materials by using them on every plate. And not only in our cuisine, since all of our bathroom amenities are made in Greece with Greek olive oil and other pure ingredients. 

In addition, we maintain our own herb garden, making sure every plate and every drink is going to have all the vibrance of pure Cretan aromas.

Lastly, since we cook big quantities of food we always make sure to donate food to local communities that are in need and try to eliminate food waste.



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