Are you in the hunt for the next summer escape? Are you flirting with the idea of a “modern Odyssey”? Greek island hopping should be on your bucket list and now is the time (new year-new resolutions) dreams to come true! Now that you have already dreamed yourself on a beach, keep on reading, because here you will find the best tips on how to organize your summer holidays in Greece.


 It may look chaotic to choose the right place, with all these small islands in the Aegean Sea. But that’s why we are here to help you decide the best destination for your summer Holidays. If you haven’t already got it from the title this place is definitely Crete! We highly recommend, keeping your base in Crete and if you wish you can definitely make daily trips to other Greek islands. Here you will get why…



The best connection between Cyclades, Athens, Aegean Sea, Mykonos, Santorini

The best connection between Cyclades, Athens, Aegean Sea, Mykonos, Santorini


Crete has two big airports, one in Heraklion (70 km from Elounda) and one in Chania. During the season there are many flights directly to Crete or through Athens, which makes it a great opportunity for a stop at the capital.

Tip: The sooner you book the flights, the cheaper you will get the tickets.


Crete has developed a huge net of flights, ferries and cruises, so you can very easily find the perfect way to reach your desired destination.


Thira (Santorini) is highly recommended for a daily excursion since it is quite small and one day is enough to explore the entire island. You can either take the ferry from the port of Heraklion or book a daily excursion to Santorini with a guide. For more information you can ask us at Elounda Palm Hotel & Suites reception desk.


Another easy combination is Mykonos- Crete. Mykonos is the notorious island for its nightlife and lifestyle. Celebrities & millionaires from all over the world visit the island of the wind for their Greek summer holidays. Elounda from the other side is famous for its tranquility and the amazing landscapes.  Is there anything better than partying for 3 days in Mykonos and then relax under the sun at your private pool in Elounda?


Here you can find online tickets for all the ferries to and from Crete.  



A destination on its own

Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has such a big biodiversity that if you travel from the east to the west side, you do not have the sense that you are on the same island. That gives you the opportunity to explore different cities, completely different landscapes, while being on the same island and without traveling a lot.


You can spend half days of your holidays in Crete, at the cosmopolitan town of Chania and the rest half in fabulous Elounda. The list of Hotels in Crete is endless with exceptional quality and atmosphere for all types of accommodation. Cretans are ready to serve you with all kinds of comforts and services. 


Hurry up to find the best offer before the season starts!



Relaxation + Adventures = Crete

Relaxation + Adventures = Crete

Crete is the ideal place for any occasion and can cover the most demanding out there. Either you are looking for the perfect honeymoon destination; either you are looking for the safest destination for your family vacation, Crete is the answer.


Are you dreaming laid back summer holidays next to emerald beaches and romantic dinners under the stars? Then Elounda is the right place to escape for tranquilization and relaxation away from any kind of stress.


If you are on the more adventurous side, your holidays in Crete will definitely not disappoint you! Mountain or beach lovers, you will find many activities and excursions. The list is endless…Kayaking, Sup, Safari on the Cretan mountains, Scuba diving, hiking, climbing and even more. Just remember to create fun moments from your family holidays in Crete.



Crossroad of Gastronomy, Culture and History

Crossroad of Gastronomy, Culture and History

Crete’s first civilization (Minoan civilization) was the first civilization in Europe. Crete has a rich cultural and historical heritage. A visit to Knossos and Phaistos palace-the first monumental buildings in Crete- will convince you. Cobbled streets, columns, objects and tools have remained unaltered in the centuries.


 The journey continues to modern history and Cretan culture. Explore all the museums, exhibitions and (don’t skip) the fortress of Spinalonga. In 1903 Spinalonga became a leper colony, where sick people were isolated. Today you can visit the island with a guide or on your own.


 Tip: Read the extraordinary book The Island. The story unfolds on the island of Spinalonga during the leprosy period.


 While being in Crete the one thing that will thrill you the most is definitely… food! Cretan gastronomy- the mother of Mediterranean diet- will welcome you with magical flavors and aromas. Here you will find a Cretan food guide for all the must-try dishes.


Set your senses free and enjoy the absolute summer holidays in Greece. Start your Greek island hopping and you will come back every year for new adventures. Crete and all the Greek islands will always welcome you with warmth and hospitality. 


Are YOU visiting Crete this summer?